Located in Juliette, GA, the Robert W. Sherer power plant is the largest coal fired power plant in the United States, producing enough energy to power over two million homes. Sherer's size also makes it the largest source of carbon pollution in the United States, burning eleven million tons of coal annually. While the air born carbon pollution produced by Sherer is staggering, over the past decade a more local and imminently dangerous problem has emerged.

Georgia Power’s method of disposing Sherer’s coal ash waste in an unlined ash pond has caused hazardous chemicals from the ash waste to seep into Juliette’s local ground water, poisoning its residents. 

Compounding the issue, many who live in Juliette utilize well water for their homes, meaning they draw water directly from the toxic aquifer. As a result Juliette has seen a rise in rare cancers, a degradation of the natural landscape and a decline in the overall health of its populace.

In 2020, funded by the Greenbaum Foundation I set out to create a body of work detailing the landscape of Juliette and its complex relationship with plant Sherer. The resulting work has been compiled and presented as Colossus.

*All works are for sale upon request, %50 of all sale proceeds will be donated to the Altamaha River Keeper Organization.


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